The Sexy Series

 *This is an erotic series of novellas with explicit sex scenes meant for mature audiences only. These are not a stand-alone books, but are meant to be read with the rest of the ‘Sexy Series.’

WithASideOfSexyEbook                                   With a Side of Sexy

Working as a waitress in the sexiest restaurant in LA has its perks: hot bartenders, a steady flow of cash in your pockets, and a phenomenally exciting night life. But for someone like me, who takes pleasure in routine and order, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. I’ve always liked things uncomplicated and safe. Safe, that is, until Patrick Rivers bursts into my life, causing my world to spin off its axis. What I did not know was with one small act of chivalry, my life would forever change because of the one thing I feared most—letting myself feel.


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WithASideOfSassyEbook                                  With a Side of Sassy

When Patrick left—which I agree, was totally by my insistence—he took a piece of my heart with him. I thought I could get over him. I thought by indulging in the persistence of Zac, my ex-boyfriend, that I might just be able to be happy again. I started to remember what I had seen in that motorcycle riding bad-boy in the first place. But was it enough? Would I ever forget Patrick Rivers and be truly happy with Zac? Or was I destined to live a life of doubts and regrets for making—possibly—the biggest mistake of my life?


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WithASideOfSpicyEbook                                  With a Side of Spicy

Yet again, Patrick Rivers found his way back into my life, literally kidnapping me and whisking me off to San Francisco. In Patrick I began to find myself, open myself up to the possibility of being more, and pursuing my secret passions in life—not to mention in the bedroom. But after an onslaught of rumors and deception, I got the sinking feeling that something just wasn’t right. I found myself in a situation that changed everything.



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WithASideOfSaucyEbook                                     With a Side of Saucy

I watched the life I had imagined with Patrick slip through my fingers as the tabloids confirmed my suspicions, and I did what I always do in sticky situations; I ran. I returned home to LA with only the clothes on my back and a tear-stricken face. I was a hot-fucking mess. And if that weren’t enough, would a tragic accident stir up past feelings and rekindle the flames of a former love?




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WithASideOfSteamyEbook                                 With a Side of Steamy

How foolish could I be? Patrick had always told me to ignore the rumors, and ignore the gossip, as that was a surefire way to lose yourself. But I hadn’t listened. I had unknowingly put the pieces of the puzzle together, but not in the right way. I didn’t have the story straight. And now after knowing the truth, I had a decision to make. Would it be the right one?




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WithASideOfBrideEbook                                      With a Side of Bride

My life was finally starting to make sense. And after agreeing to his proposal, I saw a life with him. A future. But what I didn’t see were the thunderheads broiling ahead, a dangerous obstacle standing between me and my fate. Was someone trying to sabotage my life with my future husband? Or were our destinies meant for separate paths?




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The Sexy Series Box Set



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